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Old Country BBQ Pits was born in 1955

              this is the shop where we build your bbq smokers, bbq grills  and bbq pits

Since then we have manufactured high quality products ranging from cattle handling equipment to pressure vessels to BBQ grills. It is by making quality products and taking care of our customers that we have stayed in business for  50 years and with your continued support another 50 more.

This is our shop, our BBQ smokers and BBQ grills, as well as every thing else we sell, is made here including the fire pits which we press ourselves.  The shop has over 18,000 sq feet of fabricating space it also has the machinery to shear, roll, bend , weld, polish, press etc. we can roll a 1.25" thick  by 12 feet long steel plate to form a cylinder for your BBQ q smokers.  Nobody ever goes that thick but it can be done and regarding the diameter, any is good for us.  This ability to take steel plate, not pipe, and turn it into any pit is one of the advantages that allows us  to offer you great prices and still be able to ensure high quality.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us. You can reach us at:




(210) 875-1808

E-Mail: grills@oldcountrybbqpits.com

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